By Ecomnnect Official

Have you ever wondered how it's like to be the president of a company? It's not as easy as ABC but it could be very fulfilling. Imagine helping a lot of people reach success. Pure happiness, right? This is what Ecomnnect President, Yogi Falaminiano, aims to do. 

He is a seasoned MLM Practitioner who has passion and sympathy for network marketers and distributors. He is highly credible with his past experience as one of the top producers of the biggest network marketing company in the Philippines.

Many years ago, as a young man, he dreamt of an opportunity that will afford people, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status and educational background the opportunity to realize their life dreams.  He was an idealist. He believed that good things are in store for those who are willing to work hard for their dreams. Although his environment inculcated to my young mind that such was just a myth and opportunities of that kind didn't exist, he held on to his hopes.

Then one day, he stumbled upon this industry called Multi-level Marketing.  As he said "eureka!", he excitingly embarked the journey of his life. The dreamer in him, who was yearning for an opportunity to realize my full potential, found its home. This industry continues to amaze him, with its power to breach cultural, religious, social and political barriers and be an equalizer of statuses, it empowers people to change their lives and their environment. 

He has spent most of his adult life in this business. He has one and a half decades of exposure, first as a network marketing practitioner, then a shareholder and President/COO of a multinational MLM company. He will forever be grateful to the people he worked with in the past, through the good times and the bad. All that he went through honed and prepared him for such a moment as this, when he, and collaborating with his team of MLM industry pillars and networkers par excellence, and all of you, who saw and believed the vision, is about to unfold a new chapter in MLM history as we present the greatest MLM company in Philippine history.