Our Mission

We aim to deliver excellent affiliate marketing solutions for growing organizations. Through an industry-leading team of international marketing affiliates & a culture, which is focused on stability and integrity, we will open up opportunities to entrepreneurs by using our digital platform.

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Ecommnect is part of a group of companies, combined to deliver ecommerce digital services, giving users the freedom to control their own accounts empowered by CMS (Content Management System)


Yogi Falaminiano

Yogi Falaminiano

Chief Operating Officer

Yogi Falaminiano is chief operating officer at Ecomnnect International Corp., Many years ago, as a young man, he dreamt of an opportunity that will afford people, regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status and educational background the opportunity to realize their life dreams. He was an idealist. He believed that good things are in store for those who are willing to work hard for their dreams. Although his environment inculcated to my young mind that such was just a myth and opportunities of that kind didn’t exist, he held on to his hopes.

Board of Directors

  • Yogi FalaminianoChief Operating Officer (COO), Ecomnnect International Corp.